Iranian Turtles’ Flight to Germany and England

In the 3rd year of the Flying Turtle Ceremonies, the gold and silver medals were awarded to England and Germany, respectively.

In this event which was held on Friday in Tehran, the book “Slug’s Dad” by David Almond and Avaavarzi and Alefbaavarzi books o (the creative teaching of Farsi language with the help of literature to children) written by Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi (from Iran) achieved the Gold medal and the series of “Felix’s letter” written by Annette Langen (from Germany) and the series of One Thousand and Two Nights (rewriting of One Thousand and One  Nights) written by Hamed Habibi and Mehdi Fatehi (from Iran), gained the Silver Medal.

The ceremony continued without any speeches, and with various tracks, played by Adamak Band in the biggest bookstore of Tehran (the central branch of Book City). Moreover, in a part of the ceremony Naser Irani, the pioneering writer for children and young adults and Ali Akbar Sadeghi, the famous painter and illustrator, were acknowledged and appreciated for all lifetime efforts.

slog-dadA Video Message from Northern England

David Almont, the eminent English author, and the winner of Hans Christian Anderson Award, knowing he has won the Gold Medal, sent us a video message. The message was played in the ceremony for children, parents, and all the audience. In his heartfelt message, Almond said: “I’m very happy to be receiving this award. This is a real honour for me and I’m really excited about it. When I found out about the Flying Turtle Award I was really surprised. I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in this. I sincerely thank Pazhuheshnameh and Book City. What a wonderful event.” He then continued on: “my book’s story happens in a very small town in Northern England, but it’s read and welcome in Tehran, Iran. This indicates the power of stories that can pass through boundaries, countries, and nations, and connect us all together.


A Letter from Germany

Annette Langen, the German author of “Felix’s Letter”, who received the Silver Medal of the Flying Turtle, in a letter to jury, said: “this is a great honour that I have received this medal from one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. I’m thrilled that my books are translated into various languages from around the globe and they’re loved.” She also mentioned that the only way she could accept the award is by her Iranian publishers’ agreement with her. The letter was read by a member of Jury, and it was explained that the Iranian Publisher has announced their will to reach a common ground with Langen. Until then, her award is well kept with the hope that one day she’d be in Iran for accepting the award herself.


The History of the Flying Turtle

The Flying Turtle is a non-governmental organization, with support from Book City and Children and Young Adults’ Literature Quarterly (Pazhuheshnameh). By the end of each season this organization evaluates the published books in Iranian market and introduces them for the parents. Additionally, the Gold and Silver Medal of the Flying Turtle is awarded to the best books for children and young adults.

In previous years, Brian Selznick (from the U.S) from The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Hee-Na Baek (from South Korea) for her book Cloud Bread were awarded the Gold and Silver Medals.

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